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Small Farm, Big Dreams

​Ron and Barbara Crain have been operating Crain Dairy in northwest Oklahoma since 1991. Barbara eventually began experimenting with their milk and made a few small batches of Greek yogurt. She received raving reviews. After 10 years of selling their milk to a national dairy cooperative and seeing their milk go straight out of the door, the Crains had to ask: why mix high quality, grass-fed milk with milk from confinement dairies and ship it thousands of miles away when it could be transformed into delicious foods for people right here in Oklahoma?

So in 2001, the Crains began working with the Food and Agricultural Products Center at OSU and with Pladot, an Israeli dairy equipment supplier, to bring their dream to reality. They built a small, certified production facility, learned to make a handful of dairy products from scratch, and named the operation Wagon Creek Creamery. WCC has been selling fresh, grass-fed dairy products since the summer of 2005.

In 2007, the Crains added grass-fed beef and pasture-raised veal to their product listing. The cows and steers are raised on the farm's 157 acres, and they are never given grain or growth hormones (rBST). Their healthy, all-grass diet ensures healthier dairy products.

Today, Wagon Creek Creamery remains one of the nations few 100% grass-fed dairy processors . Their list of products has expanded to include not only Greek yogurt and butter but also aged, raw milk cheeses, creme fraiche, smoothies, granola and granola bars. Apart from dairy, they have pastured hens producing beautiful healthy eggs.

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